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About Stancemaster

The methodology behind Stancemaster began back in 1994.  Over the years, exercise physiologist and decorated Martial Arts instructor Mr. Wayne Burley combined Accelerated Learning Theory with teaching techniques that he had picked up from his own instructors.  Over 15 years, those ideas developed into the Stancemaster system that is available today.

Mr. Burley has used the Stancemaster as a teaching aid with his own martial arts students. He has been astounded at their success. His students are mastering proper stances and footwork skills in minutes instead of hours. They are able to eliminate the flaws and weaknesses in their overall techniques by using Mr. Burley’s teaching tools and methods.

Now the Stancemaster is being made available for students and instructors to incorporate into their own systems.  Accelerated Learning Theory can easily be introduced into everyday training regimens using the simplicity of the Stancemaster.